Environment & Health - Specialist Program

By HMB - Posted on 25 March 2009

Students apply for admission on the Arts & Science Faculty Registrar’s Office Website for a Type 1 program (see the Arts & Science Subject POSt Enrolment instructions for details). Students are required to complete 14.0 FCE for the program, which must include at least four 300+ series courses, one of which must be at the 400-level.

Year 1: Fundamental Life Science
1. Required 2.0 FCE in the following core science courses: BIO120H1+BIO130H1, CHM138H1+CHM139H1/CHM151Y1
2. Required 1.0 FCE from the following:
3. Recommended:
Students should consider selecting and FCE from ECO/GGR/HIS/SOC to maximize elective course choice in later years.

Year 2:
(BCH210H1, CHM247H1), (BIO220H1+BIO230H1/BIO255H1), (ENV221H1+ENV222H1/GGR222H1), ENV234H1, JGE236H1/JEE337H1, PHL273H1, BIO260H1/HMB265H1 (see Note 2 below)

Year 3: (see note 1 below):
CSB349H1/LMP363H1/NFS284H1/(PSL300H1+PSL301H1), JGE321H1/ENV321Y1, ENV341H1, STA220H1, STA221H1 (see Note 3 below), one FCE from among CHM210H1/ENV235H1/(one only of ENV233H1; ESS261H1; GGR203H1, GGR303H1, GGR314H1; PHY231H1)/ENV334H1 (see Note 4 below)

Year 4
1. ENV421H1/HMB396Y0/HMB496Y1/HMB498Y1/HMB499Y1 or a minimum of 0.5 FCE from any approved departmental or college independent research project
2. JEH455H1
Elective 1:
1.5 FCE, approved by the Undergraduate Coordinator of the School of the Environment, including at least one 300+-series course from: HMB302H1/HMB303H1/HMB304H1/HMB305H1/HMB314H1/HMB322H1/HMB390H1/
SOC243H1/SOC244H1/SOC256H1/SOC309Y1/SOC312H1/SOC363H1 or any other
approved course for which the student has appropriate prerequisites.
The 1.5 FCE should reflect the particular academic interests of each student.

E&H Specialist Program Notes:
1. Many second, third and fourth year courses in this program have specific prerequisites. Students should check prerequisites for the higher level courses they are interested in prior to making first year course selections, and on through higher years
2. Students who have taken one of ENV234Y1 or ENV235Y1 need only take 0.5 FCE of CHM210H1, ENV235H1, ENV334H1; students who have taken both of ENV234Y1 and ENV235Y1 need not take any of CHM210H1, ENV235H1, ENV334H1.
3. EEB225H is no longer equivalent to STA221H, as of the 2011-12 academic year.
4. In choosing among CHM210H1, ENV235H1, (one only of ENV233H1; ESS261H1; GGR203H1, GGR303H1, GGR314H1; PHY231H1) and ENV334H1, students should pay particular attention to their respective prerequisites.