Frequently Asked Questions about HMB Courses

Can I enrol in HMB courses if I don’t fit the enrolment category?

This depends on the enrolment indicator:

  • R – No, this course is restricted and will not open up.
  • P – Wait for priority to lift (usually early August) and enrol on ROSI (spots fill quickly)
  • E – You must apply, and if admitted, the program staff will enrol you in the course. Please note that only students in a Human Biology program who have completed their HMB200-level and their HMB300-level core couse may enrol in HMB496Y1 and/or HMB499Y1.

I was unable to enrol in any HMB400-level courses, and I need one for graduation. What should I do?

Contact the HMB program office at  as soon as possible.  The program will help you find an alternative course.

What do I do if I miss a midterm test or assignment deadline?

*during the COVID-19 pandemic, please follow the instructions outlined in your syllabus*
Step 1: obtain documentation 
Step 2: submit original copy of documentation to the HMB office. All documentation will be verified by the Human Biology Program. Make-ups, weight re-distributions, and exemptions are at the discretion of the instructor of the affected course.

Can I make an appointment with one of my HMB course instructors?

Yes! Appointments can be made by contacting the instructor directly, not through the HMB program office. Contact information can usually be found on the course syllabus, along with office hours.z