Maria Papaconstantinou

Associate Professor
Wetmore Hall, Room 119, 300 Huron Street, Toronto, Ontario M5S 3J6
416 978-1856



As a lecturer in the Human Biology Program, Dr. Papaconstantinou coordinates and teaches a variety of courses, including General and Human Genetics (HMB265H), Introduction to Global Health (HMB203H), Scientific Perspectives (HMB305H), and other senior-level courses in human and molecular genetics (HMB321H Topics in Genetics, HMB360H Neurogenomics, and HMB441H Genetics of Human Disease). She completed her undergraduate studies in developmental biology at the University of Toronto, received her doctorate in molecular genetics and biology from McMaster University, and performed postdoctoral research at McMaster University. Her research has included genetic and biochemical analyses of the function and signalling pathways of the Mnn1 tumour suppressor gene in the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster, and her current research interests lie in the examination of the impact and effectiveness of various pedagogical approaches on undergraduate learning outcomes, including blended learning strategies and genetics animations.