Program Policies & Academic Support

The Human Biology program is committed to providing a consistent and thorough education to all students enrolled in the program.  All courses offered through the HMB program follow the same program policies and procedures, and follow all University of Toronto and Faculty of Arts and Science regulations concerning undergraduate education.

Academic Integrity

Human Biology follows the University of Toronto’s Academic Integrity regulations.  Students are expected to read and be familiar with  the Code of Behaviour on Academic Matters, and are encouraged to read through the Smart Strategies to help them avoid committing academic offenses.

Missed Test and Assignments Policy

What to do if you fail to write a quiz, exam, or miss an assignment deadline for a valid reason only:

  1. Fill out the HMB Missed Assessment Form
    • A copy of this form and its details will be emailed to you and to your instructor; this is how you notify your course instructor.
    • The HMB Missed Assessment Form and all supporting documentation must be submitted within five (5) business days of the missed test/quiz date.
  2. Self-declare your absence on ACORN
    • The HMB program office will ONLY contact you if there is an issue.
    • ACORN self-declarations must be submitted within two days of the missed test/quiz date.
  3. Check your syllabus for course policies to determine whether the work is still due, if there will be a make-up, or if the grade will be re-weighted. 

Academic Support

In addition to the HMB student advisors, HMB students have access to the student services at the University of Toronto which include, but are not limited to:

  • Timetables, calendars, etc. can be found on the Arts and Science Academics webpage.
  • Your Registrar is a reliable first-stop whenever you have questions, concerns or are facing issues that are getting in the way of your success.
  • If you have a disability, Accessibility Services is your home base for support. It is important to contact the office as soon as you are accepted to U of T so that accommodations for your needs are in place before classes start.
  • U of T’s writing centres provide individual consultations with trained writing instructors, along with group teaching in workshops and courses.
  • Balancing academic accommodation and academic integrity, Accommodated Testing Services is the department responsible for coordinating quiz, term test, and final examination accommodations for students with documented disabilities at the University of Toronto, St. George Campus.
  • Students can find past Human Biology exams within UofT’s Past Exam Library. Valid Utorid and password are required.
  • The Academic Success Centre (ASC) is the place to go to learn how to develop skills in time management, exam preparation, textbook reading, note-taking, and dealing with anxiety, procrastination and perfectionism. Make an appointment with a learning skills counsellor at the reception desk or by calling 416-978-7970. You can also visit the ASC drop-in centre in the Koffler building at 214 College Street.
  • Professional counselling service for students at UofT can be found at the Counselling and Learning Skills Service Centre.
  • Scitable is a free science library and personal learning tool for undergraduate students.
  • The Centre for International Experience is here to serve international students coming to U of T and domestic students looking to go abroad.
  • The Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute organizes yearly summer research positions for undergraduate students.