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Program Overview

The Human Biology programs are available to students entering their second year of study. Our multi-disciplinary programs integrate topics from the medical sciences, biological and social sciences, as well as the humanities. The goal of each Human Biology program is to provide a broad education focused on an area of biological science relevant to humans. Students will receive a solid foundation in life science courses together with insight from the humanities and social sciences. Graduates of our programs will be equipped with a broad range of knowledge and skills to pursue careers or further study in research, health sciences, biotechnology, law, education, and administration.

Programs of Study

We offer multiple Specialist programs, and a variety of Major programs. Each program enables students to study specific aspects of human biology. Students can combine a Human Biology Major program with other Science, Social Sciences or Humanities Major and/or Minor programs.

Four areas of study available as both Human Biology Specialist and Major programs:

  1. Fundamental Genetics and its Applications programs focus on various aspects of genetics, including options in molecular and population genetics, and how genetics applies to the emerging fields of bioengineering and of biotechnology.
  2. Global Health programs provide worldwide perspectives on health and medicine encompassing social, political, and economic environments.
  3. Health & Disease programs examine the functioning of living organisms and how they respond to environmental conditions, both internal and external, that cause disease.
  4. Neuroscience programs, relevant to all aspects of the nervous system, cover topics as diverse as mechanisms of learning and memory, pain, Alzheimer’s disease and movement disorders such as Parkinson’s and Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Also as a Major program only:

  1. Human Biology Major program provides a broad and flexible course of study in the basic medical sciences as well as other life sciences.


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