Frequently Asked Questions about HMB Programs

I intend to graduate - could someone assess my eligibility to graduate?

Yes! If you intend on graduating and have submitted your graduation request through ROSI we can assess your HMB program using Degree Explorer. If you are enrolled in more than one subject post, you will have to visit those departments as well. Then visit your college registrar to have them confirm your eligibility.

I don’t intend to graduate this year, but could someone assess my program progress and advise course selection for my program?

Yes! First please check Degree Explorer for your program progress. Once you have specific questions relating to your HMB subject post drop by the HMB program office and speak with a Student Advisor during business hours or make an appointment with an advisor by emailing

Degree explorer is not recognizing some courses I took for my program (eg. Transfer credits, extra credits, joint courses, etc…), what can I do?

Email an advisor ( with your student number so that we can check that the courses count for your program and degree explorer can be manually updated.

Can I graduate with two HMB majors?

No. The course calendar states that enrolment in only one HMB major is permitted, so you will not be able to graduate with two Human Biology majors. Students can combine a specialist and a major in human biology.

Can I switch from one HMB program to another?

It is possible to switch following normal PoST enrolment instructions. If considering switching, please consult with a student advisor to determine the feasibility of completing the program in a timely manner.

Can I switch from a major to a specialist?

If you meet the requirements and the specialist program is not full, you can apply again during the next spring subject post enrolment. Admission will be based on all courses completed.