200-Level Core Courses

While the collaborative nature of the Human Biology Program is designed to encourage inter-disciplinary research and learning and allow students to tailor the program to their specific interests within a set Human Biology administered program, all Human Biology students in all HMB programs will take core courses offered through Human Biology to help set a solid foundation to build their program upon.

HMB200H1 Introduction to Neuroscience

A survey of brain systems, including evolution and development of the nervous system, brain stem system for defensive and approach responses, limbic and cortical systems for learning, and higher brain functions. Techniques for study of brain systems including pharmacology, gene targeting and human brain imaging are introduced.

HMB201H1 Introduction to Fundamental Genetics and its Applications

Interdisciplinary course consisting of three parts: the genetic basis, tools and techniques of biotechnology; medical, environmental and agricultural applications; and ethical, legal and social aspects of biotechnology (including approaches to risk assessment, reduction and acceptance). A prime example used in the third part is the controversy over genetically modified foods.

HMB202H1 Introduction to Health and Disease

An introductory course in Health and Disease using an interdisciplinary approach that integrates developmental human biology with perspectives from the Social Sciences. An exploration of the key concepts and approaches that are necessary for understanding the dynamic nexus of human health and disease.

HMB203H1 Introduction to Global Health

An introductory course covering the theories, operational components and strategies of implementing primary health care in developing countries. Topics include education, control of vector borne diseases, essential drug provision, maternal and child health and nutrition and incorporation of alternative and complementary technologies, community participation and deployment of health service providers.

HMB204H1 Introduction to Human Biology

An introduction to the biological, health, environmental, and sociopolitical issues that influence human health and well-being. Topics include genetic variation within and across human populations, biological variation related to the environment, determinants of health and disease, and human behaviour and development.